• Aliexpress coronavirus: can you catch it from your mail?

  • As I work at affiliate Aliexpress business I noticed that in February this year the number of people actually buying stuff thru Aliexpress lowered almost twice. Exactly same time we started receiving scary stories first from China, and now from all of the world about a coronavirus and its high contagious factors. So many people are naturally worried that the shipping can be bad for them and carry “Aliexpress coronavirus” as they call it. But is this really true? Let’s see.

    Recently Aliexpress itself, obviously worried that they are getting less orders published a video trying to debunk the myth that Aliexpress packages can transfer coronavirus:



    Aliexpress coronavirus info video


    It’s main point that our delivery time for Aliexpress time is too long (over two weeks usually at optimistic scale) and this is enough time to let all the viruses die – as according to World Health Organization viruses don’t live outside human or animal body for longer than three days at max.

    That’s why for example banks can disinfect banknote money bills after their daily use but post offices around the world don’t have an order to disinfect incoming mail from overseas – their absence of contact with any living being for extended period of time and also harsh conditions of transportation (like the airplanes cargo sections can get exposed to -20 C cold temperature during flights) make it practically impossible for a virus to survive and there were no cases of virus thread registered thru the mailings, including the ones that come from Aliexpress.

    Also, if you are still not convinced here is an official tweet by World Health Organization (WHO):

    Here WHO deliberately states that it is safe to receive packages from China and people not at risk of catching coronavirus from their shipments from Aliexpress and China.

    WHO being a top authority in modern healthcare and stating that it is safe to shop in China we think that case can be closed and you can dismiss any Aliexpress coronavirus fears you might had.

    However, there is one more case: due to Chinese internal quarantine measures some factories were closed and orders were not accepted even for those people who didn’t afraid ordering from Aliexpress during February. It may change soon though as we get news of more and more factories starting getting back to work again, like for example Tim Cook saying Apple is re-opening its Chinese facilities again. All that meaning that there might be a sudden surge in demand and ordering earlier things that you wanted might help you get the to you sooner.